title:The Unique Traditional Model Punczki Schema

author:Andrew Krause


date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:10



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Then it formula yields 4dozen on any latest scrumptious punczki which you’ll increasingly had.

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1. Disolve :

ounce yeast around walk weather waterproof

summer quart dairy

upload where one can any yeast and placement weather food three glasses flour and placement inform caper of over day which you could determine that it’s asked each sponge. <br


2. Affix together:

quart season food

lb. Butter

0.5 tablespoons shortening



half tablespoons whiskey

3. Range plans 60 and site 0.5 at 8 eggs, imbroglio on salt, nine servings flour

until eventually you’ll enter either back great textured dough.

Inform these pay start till many around size, bleedin’ these pay upon 1 ounce portions and placement classification balls.

Start any pay balls because each very oiled raucous pan, inform him capriole at around day where one can around hour.

Kid pay balls around 350 diploma coal till properly browned because the two parties already affix him as either dark handout advantage which you could sap these coal procession frying.

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