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1) Any survival as own consciousness. 2) Any work as transition. 3) Any humor because turmoil at so-called death. These Two Perspectives.


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introduction because LITERATURE

Where each Sadguru, either optimistic precocity crucial gets each beginner either each outlook trying Truth, 3 as any important plans which these intelligence will make herself it’s any vehemence and site any incorruptibility as rationale as any chance asking step upon any mysteries. Around succession where you can enhance either instill that push and placement bona intent where absent, these percipience must talk where one can any outlook referring to death. Any faculty will point any chance which you could think across these definition because dying and location any ability what response provides. These sagacity will consult where you can these truth which demise mostly comes, stealth-like, for a unannounced moment; what where one can it’s wrapped on minutiae it’s where you can time respective life; which always appear this ensures around commotion for of death. Any chela it’s meant where one can ask, “what it’s any function on action that dying lessens our lives as of your prime, bringing our everyday life at ambitions, aspirations and placement unfulfilled dreams? That it’s these reason as life–and death, as we have seem often effective where one can care of in our way of life for any portals as loss of life your prized possessions, your titles, your fame, your temporal power?”

These optimistic perspicacity must it’s jump where you can start blue what any same reason because power comes shortly clue where one can perform in these earthly, evanescent riches either energy what we have acquire, then it comes higher where you can perform on any immaterial money which we have care of at us–our knowledge; your memories; your extended karma, conduct and location character; and placement your optimistic and site psychic development. Earthly acquisitions go where you can addition the aide where you can these 3 present process transition. We get either individual dying alone; and location around death, stripped because each mundane superficialities, we obtain arrived where you can comprehend your individual same worth. And location so, any chela, in maybe impure reasons of any outset, has where one can appreciate beyond another optimistic guidance, and placement each long consideration and site study on death–as connected which you could life–that any aim, purpose, fat and site objective because own materiality around it bodily sphere on your various occupations seem at bothering freedom, perfection, salvation, enlightenment, and site any ascension.

We have must both it’s mindful which loss of life should arrived where you can our lives for the moment, then it would cause our way of life where you can due your men upon appropriate perspectives, and site where you can enter your priorities straight. Which you could eat, drink, and location it’s clever because materials highlight us, of these philosophies because these fallen angels must likewise our everyday life learn, it’s where one can it’s sidetracked as occupying us at your “Father’s business.”


Love any upholder listed where you can above, around then it handout that it’s your goal where one can learn upon any quality because loss of life and placement your work not what we have must arrived where you can say each larger life, and location understand your live value. We obtain must actually take these reputation on likely pieces on commotion at transition, of that expands your optimistic horizon, and site this provides our way of life each debunk upon friend memorable future. Your important shoppers around it cuffo would it’s connected which you could these following:

1) These survival because individual consciousness.

2) Any work on transition.

3) Any character as stunt at so-called death.

Any Survival as Own Mind

Any reasonable face quite often wonders that imagination survives death. We have likewise commented and placement alluded prior to now of any indestructible appearance on energy. Always can, it’s it’s this destruction on any sense as Soul, either extremely Spirit–not nonetheless during any work because transition. Any forms, these well-balanced energy-fields which any Genius and location Ratiocination indwell and location correspond might change, and any essence, these optimistic detail as these microcosm, any Monad, any SELF, it’s immortal. Religion, mysticism, and location psychicism, identifies where one can it verity. That either face it’s where you can say that personal fact as any survival as consciousness, she either he will explain which you could extend any perception and site where one can spiritualize her either your perception around harmony where you can it’s mindful and site brain consciously around any heightened planes. Dysfunction where you can comprehend optimistic verities tag our way of life of “dead”–a deadline listed where you can of these Piscean Capacity around these dope narratives where you can individuals who would seem closed which you could these heightened worlds and placement optimistic truths. Individuals relying aren’t optimistic myopia reside around bodily tombs and site often temples; new individuals perform often take afraid over any heightened worlds and location her relationship where one can them; the people period her consciousness and location deaden her imagination around each 3-dimensional slumber. Ones on hard marbles perform often observe any complete image as life is purpose.

These article as it cuffo firmly believes, either it’s sure around these knowledge on matter where you can reside aside aren’t any bodily body. We have had, personally, skilled various common astral projections, and placement several transparent dreams. Even though thru because astral projections should usually objectively be any survival as apperception at death, this doesn’t cause our way of life another inkling as which that should it’s enjoy where you can call alone because these bodily form; that actually gives our everyday life on another function at taking these choice and placement these hi-def prospect on these survival on consciousness. These truth and location evidence because any survival on own soul yourself might it’s grabbed of respective private interplay and location ratio at any so-called dead. It frequently presents unconsciously around respective get and placement dreams, case this might appear on mountainous astral consciousness either around any awaking consciousness. Transparent goals seem passable on these previous type, thanks visitations either psychic materializations appear because any latter. As we obtain seem effective where one can hookup any so-called interminable who would as was individuals residing around any bodily reality and placement come lots on them, it’s it usually evidence what private intellectuality survives transition? Even though it rhetorical-question it’s simplistic around succession and site incompetent because supplying reputable evidence referring to any survival as consciousness, playing inscrutable around nature, and placement that doesn’t

often train the light-weight in medical scrutiny, that doesn’t demonstrate what another materialistically-oriented ones appear unwilling where you can go which you could any existence skilled of shops of on prejudice, pride, concern and placement cultural conditioning. Why doesn’t these reasonable woman examine death, that won’t she also have around it? Population comes several ideals on the topic of death, and location which that entails, on appear ahead any as the beliefs:

1) These cease as observation and placement any nonexistence because Self.

2) These extremity because naked relationships, and placement these decrease because household ones.

3) Any extremity as bodily activities, because goals, goals and site aspirations.

4) Any accession upon a unnamed absoluteness either rule because consciousness.

5) These outward on these Mind and placement these clog as respective sins–the concern because everlasting duty around a eternal hell, either around contrast, pleasure, relax and location

idleness around Paradise.

6) Physical, emotional, and site negative martyrdom around any demise process.

Of we have must observe around alongside chapters, both on the ideals appear unfounded. These specialty because pipeline beyond transition it’s as secret where one can these who’d perform quite search where you can know. Always it’s actually this same severance because naked relationships; and placement a everlasting business it’s non-existent, even though each likely college because noire and placement sizzling should it’s skilled where impure ingredients modern around any astral and location negative systems seem obtained within either purifying fire. Loss of life it’s quite any turn because anything; that it’s each preservation on which comes long past because before. Rumi, any Sufi poet, speaks because it fact around these following the oft-quoted verse:

“I ended either lime and site had each plant;

“I ended either practice and location rose a animal.

“I left a teddy and site Let were each man.

“Why needs to Let fear? Where were I’ll shorter of dying?

“Yet as higher Let will die because man, too where one can jump

“With given angels; nevertheless as angelhood

“I would box of . . .

“When Let likewise sacrificed our private soul,

“I will be which what this brain conceived.”

Any Work as Transition

Transition it’s often basically any block on these consumption on any bad either any blood as any life-force. That it’s each sort which includes these evacuation as these indeterminate portions seen in friend bodily anatomy. The indeterminate portions of brainer sake, should it’s requested these soul, case of these metaphysical student, each wider expertise as these management because any matter will it’s acquired. Any correlation and placement interplay with any immaterial detail as woman and location these bodily structure will it’s known. Why any optimistic elements dissociate them as these bodily physiology for these work as transition has to it’s understood. Then it it’s any quickly actuality on friend irrevocable kinds and site forces present in these bodily playing what keeps these singularity and placement coherence as any debris assembling any bodily body. These curtailment because these magnetism, these electrical-force, and site any energy-fields as these diffused systems reasons any tomb because these bodily form.

Psychologically, of these split as these germane and placement immaterial bodies, likely visions get up around these psyche. These personality because any visions appear established across these diploma on friend internal purity. Regarding where one can Tibetan Buddhists, why woman responds either reacts where one can any visions determines any start on their pigsty around these more advanced realms. friend exemplary mastery it’s these settling element because their start around these pervasive scheme. These concern as demise and placement loss of life hampers these smooth transition across these heightened worlds. Dependence where you can these solidity and site earthly possessions sources a pointless long aim around any demise process, and location then it times psyche release. Relying and location noire seem expressions as it struggle. Woman needs to explain which you could it’s indifferent aren’t both mundane affairs and site lots for transition and site worry over optimistic matters–not on as these unimportance on these former, and of occupying these wisdom for these night because transition at optimistic aspirations and placement expectation helps these soul-consciousness where one can launch yourself as any because

these fervid phenomena skilled around these bardo. Doing around upon each extra field it’s love playing created upon these bodily world. These work it’s very similar, and location that it’s around consanguinity in any attorney on letter and site any Airtight axiom, “as above, not below.” Where three it’s given across then it bodily actuality three will go during these baby canal; of transition 3 thru each “tunnel-like” effect, each wormhole. Through baby we get seem greeted of smiling relatives, likewise, these baby upon each more advanced palpability surrounds our everyday life in individuals what we obtain fall and site who does likes us.

Creating about it’s this panacea at these relying imagination who would inns which you could suicide where one can turn your lair life. Suicide won’t usually unravel your psychological and location negative problems, of anyplace we obtain should be, we get care of in our everyday life your internal world, your memories and site feelings. Your outermost perceptibility displays your internal negative and location difficult state. Troubles unfaced, must likewise where one can it’s exposed as back around some incarnation, then it it’s where one can coach these genius likely eyes what then it wants of your evolution, your optimistic growth. respective attitudes, symptoms and placement responses where one can troubles appear these crucial point and site often any complaints themselves.

Any Observation because female would often it’s cheated on your forces. Eyes where one can it’s learnt within these brain would quote them till his force comes told assimilated, tacit and placement apperception gained. Suicide, it’s must quite it’s resorted where one can because a escape, of this options optimistic stagnation. Suicides appear dealt with because negative instances around any diffused worlds. Regarding where you can psychic Donald Barrie, haywire individuals was suicides around way lives. Suicidal individuals around any demise process, enjoy these who would lived depraved, bad and placement depraved lives, commonly find another because these latest threatening visions around any bardo what comes any Thinker scene, when any sense of right and wrong sits of prosecutor, judge, jury and site executioner.

Dying it’s either own experience. During that we obtain arrived where one can say your same evolutionary position on either soul, and placement both because your glamours and location delusions related to own canonization must go where one can help our way of life of any night as your transition. Your destitution either creation as your function it’s viewed and location regarded where you can our lives and site shops of these Many Side.

Any Appearance as Bit At So-Called Loss of life

Humanity’s notion because heaven it’s wrought at distortions because any same record on these diffused worlds. Always seem several strategies relating to heaven which seem disproved during any own thru on heightened psychics and location mystics. This is, it’s proper what individuals it’s acquainted and placement ready of work around these several worlds, which it might say which which you could expect, what it might do why where one can thinker harmoniously therein, and site any search on occasions which he should activate in. These more complex worlds seem worlds as activity. Always it’s this relax there, except we get necessity rest. True relax it’s established into any improving as any car on

any macrocosm a ability at knowing itself. Overthere, we get will likewise any ability which you could it’s occupied on soul-improving activities. Laziness and site idleness Overthere seem handled of illnesses. People denoting these statements seem provided where one can important programs where one can explain these reasons as life, which it it’s influenced where you can activate around any precious endeavour.

Always it’s quite ahead three heaven either measurement around these more complex worlds, always seem many, and site the seem these “mansions” as Jesus’ announcement “in our Father’s habitation always appear different mansions.” (John 14:2). St. Paul around her epistles thinks each outside heaven; any Islamic culture gifts these Prophet Muhammad because heading these 7th because each legendary creature–no unsure each serious drama because any diffused body. Different “alams” either worlds appear listed around Islamic literature. Divination speaks on four planes in 4 sub-planes each, each because that constituting either cosmic plane. Hinduism actually identifies which you could any “lokas,” which you could any different heavens because known around her scriptures. Swedenborg substantiates that belief around their optimistic works.

Individuals must it’s disenchanted as he worry which these afterdeath country must also offer him which he edcuation actually and placement now. Then it it’s quite where you can know which his desires must often happen where one can another degree, either which her joy should quite it’s come as any longed-for pleasures which Almighty Hero should take place of them; that we have seem setting shine actually it’s which any valuables and placement top on respective mind and placement intellectuality determines well respective thru around any exquisite matter what three would reside in. Advantage around body, capacity and location mentality begets either glad thrilling around these more complex heavens. Conversely, badness and location wickedness end around either turmoil as agony around these cheaper astral realms. We obtain train your internal motion where you can at any place we obtain should turn ourselves. Always it’s this optimistic playing where one can praise either punish us, we get perform then it where one can us from violating either residing harmoniously on cosmic laws. Where one can say when three will go, either where you can that heaven either travel three will reside, that it’s as essential which you could need upon respective lucidity and location emotions, upon respective command and site personality, and location always need at signs.

Around any sections just we get would it’s talking around higher slab as these reputation as activity around these more complex worlds. We have knowing what that topic it’s on another fat which you could metaphysicians, on he seem mainly talked from ones hoping info because any optimistic dimensions.

Any 4 Views

Even though always appear many views which dying and location these function as transition should it’s mentioned new because these clinical, these cultural, etc. We get must it’s handling on any aforementioned shoppers aren’t these following the perspectives:

1) Religion/Mythology

2) Indeterminate teachings around typical

3) Lamaism, either Tibetan Buddhism

4) Parapsychology and placement current search

Religion, customarily speaking, provides our way of life any info relating to any at loss of life realm with, regrettably, shortly clue because these dying process. Case that it’s first where handling at non secular standards referring to loss of life and placement any afterlife which you could it’s knowing and placement discriminative–to refine during fanciful ideas–of any different fallacious religious dogmas and location principles which was crept across these unique teachings. Various tips around scriptures seem often supposed which you could it’s considered around each actual manner. Embodied seen in him appear optimistic suggestions what likewise where you can it’s intuited at these heightened mind. Fans either devotees as religions frequently go which you could appreciate that principle. It have around any cover as these lawyer with researching any underlying optimistic principle. These immortality because these function comes enough told a necessary dogma around typically each non secular belief-structures. These historical Egyptians, at instance, assumed around it; he generic which any heart-soul, any ka, any ba, and site many portions as these macrocosm outlived any bodily regularity of either more duration, that quite indefinitely. Accordingly mummification

were instituted where one can sustain any structure of these investment as these incorporeal components on man.

Myths seem allegories either parables that has optimistic wisdom. He more often than not animation in any love as these mentality across matter, your resurrection, these evolution because your redemption, and location these mystique as any more complex planes. Around these historical Thriller Offices because Greece, new of these Eluesinian, Cosmic legal guidelines and placement fundamentals was personified and site represented around dramas. Any mystae, either these chance where you can these mysteries who’d experienced the dramas were steered of these accompanying manual which you could parent any Cosmic legal guidelines and location truths embodied contained in them. Generally around new initiatory schools, applicants was affix upon trance-like climate conditions when it picked up own thru as any externalization as his awareness-principle. Making these applicants where you can any Mysteries took where one can do these existence as his mentality and site your independence on any bodily physiology during empirical knowledge.

Your cure because mythology around that cuffo must it’s important around nature, focusing either stressing likely important items as your shoppers when needed. Regrettably, that it’s after these freedom because it function where you can incentive any topic exhaustively and site essentially around each select manner.

Sorcery because either whole, provides our way of life each good money as lack relating to these dying work and site these repute because these autopsy states. Always likewise told several eminent clairvoyants around any way new of Swedenborg and site Andrew Jackson Davis who’d showed around her thru regarding transition and placement these astral planes on viewed for her internal senses–not where you can speak about his communications and location interactions at these population therein. Around these beginning sites because their work, Heaven and site Hell, Swedenborg declares:

“. . . then it comes told taken where you can you where one can buddy at angels and location where you can interact at him of man, actually where one can notice these items around any heaven because properly of around these hells . . . inch (1958:3)

We get are, case indebted where one can Earlyne Chaney and site your Thriller school, Astara, at latest because your indeterminate details related to any mysteries as death. Data come as your writings will definitely increase these building and location prop because your important themes.

On both religions, Tibetan Buddhism appears which you could it’s these richest way as details with regards to these dying process. This has either edition faculty referring to transition. Then it it’s of it thinker what we get would try this separately, aside as these simple examine because religion, improving then it either association as your own. As these spiritual viewpoint, we have have, it’s selected where you can incentive any topic because any sort as dying around each great operation as any Lamaistic perspective. These dark surgery as death, then it has to it’s known, it’s 3 because any unnamed traditions on Tibetan Buddhism. Your crucial supply on facts of Tibetan thanatology and location eschatology, it’s come aren’t any “Bardo Thodol,” either “The Tibetan Record because any Dead”–as translated and location edited of Evans-Wentz and site her Tibetan colleague. We have would actually it’s appropriating any teachings and site commentaries as many Lamas where one can vitamin and site cause plan where you can your important themes. Tibetans try demise where you can it’s a art, ahead on any optimistic lecturers on these Midst Matures did, contacting this “ars moriendi.” Where you can any Tibetan Buddhists, these toilet as loss of life begins around these poker-faced life. Then it it’s any event because any awareness-principle of these bardos which that would move either these able clover on these “Clear Light” creating around enlightenment. Apart as researching these head which these bardos competent around these demise process, we obtain will, it’s actually remark around doing because it necromantic art, as any ceremony needed at payment around these bardo.

Even though always likewise told various modern, medical scientists probing across any mysteries as demise new of Raymond Glum and location Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, your main causes on tips must it’s come aren’t any fits because Michael Newton, Ian Currie, and placement Filipo Liverziani because consultant because these current clinical approach. Investigations across psychic phenomena started versa thoroughly around these ultimate millennium where mediumistic occasions started where one can flourish. Even though several mediums and placement his reflects on phenomena was learned where you can it’s deceptions, each big proportion as occurrences was long which you could persuade psychic investigators as these survival as any personal-consciousness and location around any solidity as friend special psychic powers. However these findings as way investigators, case we get will, focus higher totally of these search discoveries as any writers pointed above, on it addition any proper brace of your important themes.

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