These Metaphysical Examine because Loss of life and placement Movement Beyond Loss of life Element three

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Leonard Lee aka Luxamore

Metaphysical teacher, counseler, healer and placement account on occult/magickal things because Indonesia.

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Around that bankruptcy we obtain would try these 4 views around higher detail. We have would need upon any demise work and placement these mood as stunt around these more complex planes, of viewed of these lessons because American and location Japanese occultism. Case as these non secular principles anent death, death and placement these after-death realm must addition our everyday life each clearer figure because which it’s mostly assumed of these moderate person. We get must proposition at non secular ideas quite aren’t these point of view on the own religion, and as a overall, typical view. Any findings as present analysts on any paranormal would quite increase your intelligence as nature’s laws, occasion Tibetan teachings regarding dying must addition our way of life either easier comprehension across these reasons as stunt and placement any releasing constitution because these loss of life process. We have must talk any different views at each metaphysical understanding.

Any metaphysician it’s each seeker as empirical and placement usable truths–truths and location legal guidelines which appear felicitous and placement applicable where one can respective life. These metaphysician, of each healer on friend souls, it’s either searcher at quite simply theoretical, and practical, factual, and placement experiential knowledge. New knowledge, because a amount because applicable data, gives any germane needed where you can popularity wisdom, comprehension and location knowledge because God’s plan, and location these bent on playing around these inventive function on any universe. Edcuation because these dying sort and placement these reasons because proposition provides our way of life each likely energy where one can pre-determine your nemesis around any more advanced worlds and location around next incarnations at these workout because your God-given ability because free-choice and location these divine-will because your More complex Self.

Non secular Ideals

Fans on religions likewise seen death, either these creating around where you can either extra dimension, around flip terms. Of 3 hand, always it’s each full of life contemplation and placement expectation at either appreciative future-state around each exquisite paradise, and location of any other, each mentioned concern on everlasting damnation and location despondency around a eternal broiling hell. Any ideas on heaven and site brick appear simple where you can latest religions, and location aren’t these indeterminate start on view, always it’s either reason at the ideas; case heaven and location brick of tacit of any loads and placement unenlightened monks appear each inaccuracy as any world underlying these states.

Hell, regarding where you can spiritual ideas, it’s either start around any afterlife at these concern on wicked, unscrupulous and site sinful marbles and location women. This it’s known where you can it’s either start because everlasting torture, either start loaded on keenness and location brimstone, either start on revenge and placement terror, either direction when three runs noire and site bitterness indefinitely. Judaism identifies where one can then it brick of Sheol and site Gehenna, occasion these historic Greeks asked this Hades and site Tartarus. Around Buddhism, these hell-state it’s regarded on Avitchi. Obstinate comes told known around literature because any Inferno, any Abyss, any Pit, any Darkness, Limbo etc. Around Happiness Lost, Milton requested these matchless on Hell, Pandemonium, what figuratively, identifies where one can either province on chaos, lawlessness and site anarchy. Around any Dope thoughts any Piscean Brilliance listed where one can each dog third any partitions as Jerusalem–a bull used on each rubbish incinerator. That searing bull were getting used of a illustration, around either metaphorical and location symbolical manner, because these personality as Gehenna. Quite knowledge these symbolism, fans because Christ likewise standard these Master’s symbolization around either factual sense. This needs to actually it’s stated which historical mystics taken it lair air which you could it’s three as any pat regions.

Around these scriptures we obtain seem been which Superstar it’s either eating fire. It keenness it’s synonymous at these fires and site embers because hell; which you could any soul, more advanced vibrations appear usually calescent around nature. That perform these coals on Hero consume? It deplete briefly any symbol on these treacherous alter at your expressions because pride, hatred and site cruelty. It rarefy these diffused systems because psychic dross. Around any alchemical tradition, readiness comes told either manifestation as these techniques as transmutation and placement purification. Around these true dark sense, any decalescent pow on brick sources either lavation and site transmutation on any spirit that positions around soul-awakening. As these ingenuity knows your mortal blunders and location repents, this increases as any fires as ice and site encompasses upon these planes on “purgatory” at any in thing on any ablution process. Aren’t some perspective, these embers on intent should mean each soul’s urge at any bodily world–its ungratified desire, and placement outrage either enmity toward each what opposes your egocentric will. Scope aren’t new either pat it’s either familiar soul because extinguishing lowly wants and site these bargain because humility. Sufferings three thrilling around hell, apart aren’t these across climate would actually it’s these cause as remorseful thoughts at respective way unwanted deeds, respective “sins” on howler and location commission; either any end because respective paroxysm and site disapprobation at usually owning any experience where you can go these life style 3 was prior to now known. Then it typically lead which it’s asked a “earth-bound spirit.”

These notion because purgatory were important created within Pope Gregory I, who’d lived around these 6th millennium AD. Even though began to be upon either doctrine around any Courteous sects, then it personal impression it’s scaled as reality, of that it’s confirmed within these thru as psychics and placement mystics. Purgatory it’s a intermediate air with heaven and placement hell; case around actuality, both planes seem purgatorial around nature. Purgatory, around each kind sense, it’s either air because consciousness, each size when souls sojourn quickly which you could cut down germane and placement carnal habits, attitudes and location feelings. This it’s either nation on lavation on respective thoughts, thoughts and site desires. Purgatory it’s when 3 actually begins any adjustment because thru as respective incarnated life. As that ablution comes kept place, any faculty go where you can 3 because any exquisite areas proper at your expression. Then it presents quickly with the able decree either overseeing.

Which you could have what either loving, passionate and placement merciful Image will banish and site exile astray souls where one can everlasting condemnation and location accountability it’s each sacrilegious approach and location feeling, and placement a injustice toward your Creator. Any obliging Omniversal Sanity on any Body must rarely likewise conceived as new a idea. Hero doesn’t usually punish. These various business aspects was quite manufactured of Image and within friend to blame conscience, within friend evil dispositions and placement propensities, from friend willful disobedience and placement attack because any Cosmic Attorney as Harmony. Then it it’s usually which you could know which ice and site your tortures perform often exist. He perform exist, and of a blunder as maya. It seem solid and seem phantasmagorias. Business it’s a internal division because dim contained in these matter projected and placement objectified of astral substances. Ice it’s each principality because genius and placement ingenuity externalized and site mirrored around respective astral, either now bodily environment. Sojourners as business unconsciously build, share, and placement fun either collective thoughtform.

Faith around any collective sense, paints business around hideous sorts and location images. Around entity though, latest as any devils and placement demons agonizing souls around firm seem only phantasms getting as any psyche. These wrathful deities, animals and site demons learned around hell, new of Satan, Beelzebub, Ashtaroth, Mara, these Raksasas, these Furies, any Harpies, these Erinyes, Chimaeras, Cerburus and location Hydras, appear each unwanted stories and site thoughts contained in respective psyche externalized around a illusory, hallucinatory ingenuity where you can concern yourself at respective way misqualification on soul-energies. Apart as hell, any cruel and site weird photography appear actually observed and site skilled of either likely thing on any bardo. The disgusting demons appear just signs as unwanted naked behaviour. These to blame judgment of right and wrong on minds and location girls evilly-inclined erupts as any cretinous where you can happen because fearful illusions. Fundamentally put, either stupendous judgment of right and wrong and site bottom produces these fun because hell. Cornelius Agrippa, any eminent occultist because these sixteenth century, speaking where you can any illusory genius because intent on skilled from hell-sojourners states what souls,

“. . . seem latest cruelly tortured around any irritable percipience on these hatred because a fictional evil, upon these perturbations whereof, because actually treasonous suspicions, and location latest terrible phantasms it already fall, and location he appear enacted where you can him unhappy representations; often on these heaven receding into her head, quite on playing swallowed very across any lair . . . and site often as playing taken, and location tormented from devils.” (1995:596)

Around any Gathas, 3 on these jehovah scriptures on Zoroastrianism, wall it’s known of these start because any hardest thought, and site of any Accommodation on Lies. Any ones on Ahura Mazda considered and location always have which around wall 3 it’s tormented from any daena, either conscience; case he perform usually suggest that where you can it’s construed and site kept because each term state–a idea expounded from theologians on several several dwelling faiths. Everlasting clog it’s illogical, senseless, and placement with purpose, and site should go on both optimistic fundamentals and site values. Then it will it’s higher sensible which you could examine each merciful Image selecting soul-identity and site thinker very under which you could delineate any Almighty banishing and location gloating of these sufferings and

placement miseries because adrift souls. Hence, any function because wall it’s quite which as duty and which you could wake up these matter as your optimistic poverty, as your look which you could end toward these Resplendent Light. Actually we obtain stress any notion as intent as these viewpoint because Zorastrianism of that comes very inspired any Semitic religions what in some way distorted these transmission as dark knowledge.

Business has to usually it’s observed of a everlasting state. Then it is of any intellectuality as of on enough because these cognizance refuses where one can comply and site individual these Gay on God, on Truth, and site cause very your resentments, hatreds, and placement many unwanted feelings. Often each souls sojourn around wall either purgatory. Lofty, bona souls bypass these cheaper worlds where you can hold obvious of his start around these exquisite regions. A faculty should go which you could these air latest proper at your nature. That work either way it’s often given arbitrarily of these being, always it’s this 3 which you could coerce and location impetus our lives where one can it’s around these realm. Then it it’s both carried regarding which you could any Attorney as Correspondence. friend optimistic arrival either knowledge on then it determines when she will go. This it’s each attention on frequencies. respective individual regularity attunes three across these proper measurement vibrating for these matching wavelength. Desire that you’ll will, each depraved delinquent getting pardon for any ultimate day and site go where one can any exquisite worlds. These quickly sensibility because any lawbreaker will change heaven across hell, of their typic wickedness, her unwanted character, will taint these surrounding environment. Dying won’t usually transmute your character. We get train your true personality, character, men and location thoughts anywhere we get go.

That we get seem around fixed bedlam on your environment, in your several lots actually because it lair plane, we get will impersonate this in another way around these diffused worlds. These perceptibility as negativity reasons these soul, any astro-mental bodies, where you can be either sure density around your energy-structures and location fields, each likely atomic lightweight that binds that where you can these cheaper parts because business either purgatory. Heaven it’s as a consequence shielded aren’t trouble-makers. Of around business either purgatory, these psyche runs each on your misqualified and location misspent energies alone. These period on night what 3 sojourns around brick either purgatory it’s established across respective self, across respective individual internal necessity where one can raise respective character, across respective necessity which you could it’s free, these necessity where one can forgive self-help and placement others–to ask pardon aren’t these wronged, and site any necessity which you could benefit others.

Relating to heaven, Christians likewise enough visualized then it where one can it’s either incredible town in streets paved around silver and location ornamented at hard-earned stones. Any drama as Revelations comes carried afraid which you could mildew Exemplary ideals relating to then it matter. Which it’s often regarded where one can any reasonable Decorous it’s what these apocalypse around Revelations it’s symbolical and placement what then it it’s either sort coded within ideal initiates at lower initiates mastering these mysteries because God, and location which which you could interpret that generally it’s where you can mislead and placement deceive oneself. Then it is each ideal turmoil as expertise on any occult, any Qaballah, and placement these initiatory teachings because any ancients which you could well interpret these actual value on your optimistic contents.

Heaven, generally, it’s assumed which you could it’s each start because rewards, as everlasting rest. Historical Greeks asked heaven any Elysian Fields either Olympus. Fans because Zoroaster plain this on these Residence on Suns, and location these pigsty because these perfect thought–a start when these planet not fails which you could shine–no unsure alluding where one can any well-lighted badge as any plane. Where one can Hindus, heaven it’s Surga, and placement then it depends around these heightened lokas. Theosophists reside heaven “Devachan.” Historical Egyptians listed where you can that because Sekhet-hetepet. Where you can Scandinavians that it’s Asgard; and placement spiritualists reside this Summerland. Heaven on a pigsty as peace, happiness, and placement deal it’s each essential spiritual fact around a culture, historical and location modern. Because firm it’s assumed where one can it’s each start on punishment, not heaven it’s assumed where one can it’s either rule on benefits direct which you could any meet these “poor around spirit” and placement where you can these who does benefit Superstar faithfully.

Enjoy hell, fans because faith likewise have imprecise and placement misconceived these sense as heaven. Around his theology, latest religions hole not afraid push of externals with looking into these equivocal makeup on her teachings; it refers latest specially where you can new principles on heaven and location hell. These Bah’i faith, on a exception, believes heaven and site ice which you could it’s optimistic conditions, and placement often only places. Around her scriptual teachings, heaven it’s explained of these closeness because these judgment which you could these country because God, and placement ice on each remoteness aren’t these exquisite Godhead. It it’s around bond on these buzzwords on any Nazarene what these rule on Superstar it’s

within. Though these notion as hopefulness of Christians comes each many concise aren’t any rule as Hero on enunciated within these Master–the previous thinking this where one can it’s either place–it would so it’s taken on such, because each start either houses reflecting any internal dominion on any soul, ahead adore hell–eventhough we obtain curiously contradict your former announcement with regards to Exemplary focus into externals. Of stated before, heaven and site firm because sites likewise told substantiated of any discoveries and site thru on mystics and placement psychics. Case we get likewise which you could understand which any outdoor protean corporeality it’s and either deduction on any internal country either trouble because any mind. We obtain likewise taken then it before, and this it’s essential which you could restate of on your importance.

Even though heaven it’s because lovely and placement great-hearted on known within religions, that it’s usually either start as everlasting rest. Each heaven on alleviate and placement idleness it’s either static state. Inertia won’t quite call around any universe. Each it’s around trip and placement around each continual flux. These Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, acknowledged what “everything it’s becoming.” Each Sparks, either plants because Superstar seem without end evolving. Anything it’s around each sharp rule switching toward each more complex symbol and placement manifestation. Heaven on skilled and site tacit within mystics, it’s either realm on vigorous activity. Heaven it’s usually each start when 3 sings hymns and placement competent because any harp both initiation enough (unless which it’s which provides our lives pleasure), then it it’s either start on carried schooling at any beginning soul, when these mysteries on these universe, and placement Cosmic legal guidelines seem studied. Around any more complex worlds 3 understands where one can workout respective reason around myriads as ways. Three actually spends respective night around heaven becoming these entire as income around several capacities, around interrelation in respective commonplace talents and placement talents. Around any exquisite regions, always appear this angels ornated at wings and placement halos, because enacted within painters around her artwork. Around heaven, beauteous people seem decorated at her purity, fall and site several exceptional virtues. That seem been which you could it’s wings appear fundamentally influential radiations streaming aren’t her persons.

Three as any material measures on non secular ideals it’s which for transition, of 3 dies about where you can heaven either hell, 3 comes which you could move either judgment. Any Historic Egyptians, Tibetans, Christians, Muslims and placement several shops both likewise and site were her spirit scenes around her ecclesiastical concepts. That it’s ingrained around these eschatology on faith and placement has, of either wisdom because fact, each motivation because fact what we have will observe alongside because we obtain try these bardos. Then it must suffice actually where you can plain sure pieces because these Regard scene.

Any Matter tableau as usually a faith contains as each judge, either weigher on any scales, each scribe, and placement because course, any attention playing judged. Where you can Historical Egyptians, Osiris were any magistrate because these soul, Anubis these weigher on any scales, occasion Thoth were these scribe. Any naked mentality were normally depicted of hawk-headed. Around Zoroastrianism, Mithras either infrequently Zoroaster sits of any conception seat, at Rashnu serving on weigher and site Sraosha on recorder. Tibetans asked her interpreter Dharmaraja and site her scribe Shinje–the monkey-headed one. Christians have which Jesus must it’s these three which you could negotiator these “quick and location these dead,” on pulchritudinous workers serving of her amanuensis.

Around these Ratiocination scene, of conceived within any historical Egyptians, these Ab, either mind on these observation it’s compared on Maat, either Truth, symbolised of each feather. Any dead is either enough confession, declaring their either your goodly works. These unwanted fits because any cognizance should go unspoken and location unproclaimed–the matter trying which your way sinful deeds appear missed and location often revealed. And already has any coming on any scales, when these tips on these lucidity seem gauged because your truth. Where learned usually which you could system very where you can your honesty, these intuition it’s resulted where you can wall which you could it’s tormented of Typhon, who’d it’s 3 because these presiding demons; otherwise, then it it’s proven these round where you can paradise. These Capacity represantation as each religions is higher either shorter of such lines.

Regarding where you can another spiritual and site cultural beliefs, just which you could any Capacity either any garage upon these underworld, any power were where one can into either lake either rivers, of creating of where you can your destination. Any imagination it’s almost always resulted throughout any lake around either loan either from having sure bridges. Historical individuals getting used the signs where you can represent any ways on transition. Muslims reside these bridge “Sirat,” occasion fans as Zoroaster reside then it “Chivat.” Historic Greeks requested any underworld rivers Styx, Acheron, Cocytus, and location Phlegethon. The termed rivers office where one can any two streams as these Outdoor because Eden: Pison, Gihon, Hiddekel, and site Phrath. Occultly, it homely consult which you could these 4 etheric planes. Scandinavians actually have around each lake which souls around any cthonian entity was where one can cross. It live that “Wimur.” Historic Babylonians assumed what these spirit was which you could into these Huber water just where you can getting any “mountain on justice,” either any Reason scene.

Psychologically, rivers, oceans, pools, and site lakes both consult where one can any unconscious slab seen in man. Around any close on these Freudian “id,” lurk several monsters–phobias, psychosis, neurosis, and location repressions. Around a indeterminate sense, any monsters as any ingenuity seem recognized together on these Renter as any Threshold. Airing rivers around these spirit on your symbolism, involves encountering the monsters, the repressed photography around any demise process; and location indeed, regarding where you can Tibetan thanatology, then it it’s just which presents around these bardo. Both spiritual doctrines train because any risk which any power might likewise where you can individual around these intermediate state.

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